Let's Meet

Mo Abusham
Envision this: Over 30 years of traversing the Middle East, exploring over 20,000 miles of diverse landscapes and cultures. Now, prepare to embark on this immersive journey through our menu.

As a second-generation Arab American, my profound connection to the Middle East and the unforgettable desserts I encountered during my extensive travels across various Middle Eastern countries served as the catalyst for the creation of Filo Dessert Co. Inspired by the warmth of hospitality and the irresistible flavors of these desserts, I was driven to recreate these cherished experiences for my friends and family in Southern California.

Throughout my odyssey, I had the privilege of meeting remarkable individuals who shared my passion for these desserts. Yet, I always yearned to share these flavors with my loved ones back home. Fueled by my passion and in collaboration with talented chefs from the Middle East, I made the bold decision to bring the essence of Middle Eastern hospitality and exquisite desserts to the United States.

At Filo Dessert Co., immerse yourself in the authenticity of piping-hot knafe, crafted according to a cherished Palestinian family recipe, or delight in the rich heritage of Baklava passed down through generations. Indulge in the timeless Syrian ice cream recipe dating back to 1925, and explore an array of other mouthwatering creations. Join us on this culinary voyage where you can relish these delights all under one roof, experiencing the renowned Middle Eastern hospitality that has captivated hearts worldwide.

Here at Filo Dessert Co., authenticity, quality, and taste take precedence. We meticulously source most of our ingredients from the Middle East to ensure an unparalleled experience. Our master chef crafts fresh Filo desserts daily, and our ice cream is crafted with the finest ingredients for unbeatable freshness and quality.

Allow me to introduce the rest of our team, who share an unwavering passion for desserts. We are committed to selecting team members who embody our values and share our deep affection for Middle Eastern cuisine. The moment you step into our stores, you'll feel the palpable energy and dedication that infuse every aspect of creating a Middle Eastern hospitality experience like no other.