Booza (Ice Cream)


Indulge in the rich and authentic flavors of the Mediterranean with our carefully curated collection of Mediterranean Ice Cream. At Filo Dessert Co, we bring you the essence of the Mediterranean in every scoop, capturing the vibrant and delightful tastes that this region is renowned for.



The enchanting world of Middle Eastern Tea and Coffee unfolds in every cup. Our collection brings you the finest teas sourced from across the region, each blend capturing the essence of time-honored traditions and rich flavors. Explore our curated selection featuring flavors like Iced Tea with Mint, Iced Tea, Herbal Special Tea, and Karak Tee

Iced Tea with Mint
Revitalize your senses with our exquisite Mediterranean Iced Tea with Mint. Immerse yourself in the cool, invigorating fusion of premium tea leaves, zesty citrus notes, and a refreshing hint of mint. Crafted for a rejuvenating experience, this tea captures the essence of sun-drenched Mediterranean afternoons. Elevate your tea moments with this harmonious blend from Filo Dessert Co. Order now and savor the revitalizing taste of our Mediterranean Iced Tea with Mint.
Iced Tea
Quench your thirst with our invigorating Mediterranean Iced Tea, a refreshing symphony of flavors that transports you to the sun-drenched coastlines. Carefully crafted, this tea is a delightful fusion of premium tea leaves, citrusy accents, and a hint of mint, delivering a cool and revitalizing experience. Sip your way to the Mediterranean with each refreshing glass, relishing the harmonious blend of natural ingredients. Elevate your tea enjoyment with this Mediterranean-inspired beverage from Filo Dessert Co. Order now to savor the rejuvenating taste of our Mediterranean Iced Tea.
Herbal Special Tea

Sip, savor, and rejuvenate with our Herbal Tea Set – a symphony of natural flavors crafted to elevate your tea-drinking experience. Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of handpicked herbs and botanicals, offering diverse blends from calming chamomile to invigorating peppermint. Sourced from organic and sustainable farms, our herbal teas prioritize well-being and the environment for a pure and eco-friendly tea-drinking experience. Embrace the holistic benefits of herbal teas tailored to your needs, presented in elegant packaging ideal for gifting or personal enjoyment. Naturally caffeine-free, our herbal teas provide a perfect infusion of flavor, inviting you to discover the art of herbal tea preparation. Immerse yourself in the world of herbal delights with our Herbal Tea Set. Order today and let the artistry of herbal infusions enhance your tea-drinking experience.

Karak Tea

Enjoy the rich and aromatic essence of our Karak Tea Set, a nod to the cherished tradition of spiced tea. Dive into the authentic warmth of Middle Eastern chai, meticulously blended for a soul-soothing experience that transcends cultures. Featuring a unique blend of robust black tea and aromatic spices, our Karak Tea Set captures the bustling streets of the Middle East. Elevate your tea ritual with specially curated teaware, including stylish glasses and a teapot designed for the perfect pour. Effortlessly recreate the magic of Karak tea at home with easy-to-follow instructions, offering an authentic flavor profile without the need for a trip to your favorite tea stall. Whether you're a seasoned tea enthusiast or new to spiced tea, our Karak Tea Set caters to all palates, perfect for moments of self-reflection or sharing with loved ones. Pair your Karak tea with favorite snacks, as its versatile and robust flavor makes it an ideal companion for various culinary delights. Immerse yourself in the soulful warmth of our Karak Tea Set, where each cup weaves a story of tradition, community, and exquisite flavor. Order today to savor the authentic taste of Middle Eastern hospitality in every sip.

Kahwa (Coffee)


Filo Dessert Co, where we invite you to savor the rich traditions and aromatic allure of the Mediterranean with our carefully curated collection of Mediterranean Coffee. From the cool refreshment of Iced Coffee to the timeless charm of Arabic Coffee and the bold flavors of Turkish Coffee, our selection is a celebration of coffee craftsmanship inspired by the Mediterranean spirit. 

Istanbul Coffee Booza

Transport yourself to the bustling streets of Istanbul with our Turkish Coffee Ice Cream. Rich, bold flavors of finely ground Turkish coffee infused into creamy ice cream, it's a decadent delight that's sure to awaken your senses with every spoonful.

Iced Coffee
Delight in the refreshing allure of our Mediterranean Iced Coffee, a meticulously crafted blend capturing the spirit of sun-soaked mornings by the sea. Revel in the harmonious marriage of bold, rich coffee with a cool, invigorating finish. Let each sip transport you to the Mediterranean, where the smooth, energizing notes create a delightful escape. Enhance your coffee moments with this cool, Mediterranean-inspired delight from Filo Dessert Co. Order now to savor the vibrant flavors of our Mediterranean Iced Coffee.
Turkish Coffee

Explore a rich sensory journey with our Turkish Coffee Set—a tribute to the authentic tradition of Turkish coffee. Enjoy the robust flavors of our finely ground blend, a reflection of centuries-old craftsmanship. Elevate your coffee ritual with our sophisticated serving set, including the traditional cezve, demitasse cups, and saucers. Immerse yourself in the art of coffee preparation, honoring its cultural significance. Beyond taste, our set offers a rich cultural experience, from fortune-telling to shared moments. Whether a coffee enthusiast or newcomer, relish this timeless brew in quiet moments or shared conversations. Indulge in the authentic art and flavor of Turkish coffee—order your set today for a genuine coffee-drinking experience.

Coffee (Kahwa)
Immerse yourself in the rich tradition and aromatic allure of Arabic coffee with our Kahwa Set. Meticulously crafted from the finest Arabica beans, our Kahwa presents a smooth and robust flavor profile, heightened by a distinctive blend of cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. The set includes the traditional dallah and delicate cups, symbolizing the cultural significance of this time-honored practice. Beyond being a delightful beverage, Kahwa complements your culinary adventures, serving as a versatile companion for Middle Eastern flavor encounters. Presented in elegant packaging, our Kahwa Set makes for a thoughtful and refined gift, reflecting the profound cultural heritage encapsulated in each cup. It's more than coffee; it's a cultural journey that fosters connection and camaraderie. Immerse yourself in the timeless tradition of Arabic coffee with our Kahwa Set. Order now to savor authentic flavors and aromatic nuances, letting each cup transport you to the heart of Middle Eastern hospitality.


Our Knafeh collection is a tribute to the rich and delightful Middle Eastern dessert that has captured the hearts of dessert enthusiasts worldwide. Explore our carefully curated selection featuring favorites like Knafeh (Fine) and Knafeh (Shredded), each crafted with precision and passion to deliver an authentic and indulgent experience.

  1. Knafeh (Fine): Immerse yourself in the delicate layers of our Knafeh (Fine), a culinary masterpiece that showcases expertly shredded and golden-baked semolina pastry. With a visually stunning and delectably delicate consistency, this rendition offers a symphony of textures and flavors that captivate the senses. Each bite is a testament to the artistry behind this Middle Eastern delicacy.

  2. Knafeh (Shredded): Indulge in the timeless charm of our Knafeh (Shredded), where the shredded layers of golden-baked semolina pastry create a delectable texture that is both satisfying and inviting. Revel in the refined texture, complemented by the richness of premium nuts, offering a feast for the eyes and the palate. Drizzled with our signature syrup, this Knafeh achieves the perfect balance of sweetness.

At Filo, we take pride in bringing you the finest Knafeh variations, each a celebration of tradition and taste. Whether you prefer the delicate touch of Knafeh (Fine) or the inviting layers of Knafeh (Shredded), our collection is designed to elevate your dessert moments. Order now to experience the enchanting blend of textures and flavors that define the magic of Knafeh.

Knafeh (Shredded)
Delight in the authentic flavors of our Palestinian Knafeh, meticulously crafted with the finest Mediterranean ingredients. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage as each bite unveils the perfect blend of premium elements, capturing the essence of traditional Palestinian culinary excellence. Sourced with care, our Knafeh promises a delightful exploration through the Mediterranean, bringing the warmth and richness of this cherished dessert to your table. Elevate your dessert indulgence with the unparalleled quality and taste of our Palestinian Knafeh. Order now to savor the true essence of Mediterranean sweetness.